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A Compassionate And Caring Attorney

As a young girl, our attorney, Ann Marie Morelli, admired the television character of Perry Mason. His focus was always on doing what was best for his clients and he always fought hard to protect their rights. Ms. Morelli likewise has focused on helping people. She was trained as a nurse, which provides her with a strong, empathetic understanding of people, and she uses that understanding as an attorney working with her clients.

Helping People In Our Community Obtain Justice

Our attorney is proud to call Weirton her home. MoLaw PLLC has focused on helping the people in the communities of this area of West Virginia. Family law makes up a large part of our practice, as few topics strike more intimately than what occurs when a marriage breaks up, when a father tries to obtain visitation rights to his child or when a mother attempts to obtain child support from their child's father.

These can be heart-wrenching issues. Our firm and our attorney provide compassionate representation while striving to obtain Justice for our clients. We are aware how sensitive these matters are and how influential they will in providing for the care and upbringing of a child.

We Provide Strong Representation For Criminal Charges

Our attorney has worked as an Assistant Public Defender and she has handled hundreds of cases. This experience has helped her to develop a strong understanding of criminal law and procedure. It has also provided her with a great deal of experience representing the rights of the accused in criminal cases.

We know that many individuals do not want their lives to be forever marked because of one poor decision or a mistake caused by hanging with the wrong crowd. We know how important it is that you receive justice when dealing with your criminal charges.

We listen to your story and work with you to develop a strategy that both may minimize the current charges and can help you arrive at a place where you can have a brighter future. Our lawyer will explain the charges and help you understand your realistic options, giving you a voice in your case.

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Our attorney at MoLaw PLLC helps clients with family and criminal matters in the counties of Ohio, Brooke and Hancock, surrounding Weirton. We take our representation of your case very seriously and work to obtain the best result for your circumstances. We offer flat rate fees for some cases. Call us today at 681-522-0431 or use our online form.