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Our law firm is founded on that belief. To support that belief, we provide compassionate, responsive legal services for our clients here in Weirton and the surrounding counties. Our fees are reasonable, and we can help with a variety of family law issues, criminal charges, personal injury matters, motor vehicle accidents and wills.

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Family Law And Criminal Defense In Weirton

An Attorney Who Truly Cares About Your Issues

When you are faced with a legal problem, it can be scary. You may not understand exactly what the problem may be, and you don't know any lawyers. You know you want someone who will listen to you and explain the law, and do it in a way that allows you to better understand the problem and that they care about helping you.

At MoLaw PLLC, we care deeply about all of our clients cases. We won't accept a case if we cannot help. Our attorney believes that "justice is for everyone," and she works hard to see to it that her clients receive justice. Whether for a criminal matter or with the emotional complexities of family law, we understand your concerns and listen with compassion. We provide a zealous advocacy for to archive their goals and, ultimately, Justice.

You Need An Attorney Working For You

Law is always complex. You may be dealing with custody issues and need to create a parenting plan. Like many states, West Virginia now uses parenting plans for traditional custody matters like the residential schedule of the children and how decision-making authority is distributed. The creation of a parenting plan is complex and working with an attorney who knows what needs to be included can make it much easier for a parent.

Have You Been Arrested And Charged With A Crime?

Criminal charges are serious and can have a long-term affect on your life, whether a DUI, a drug charge or questions of domestic violence. Our attorney worked as an assistant public defender, and has handled many criminal cases. The state brings a great many resources from the police investigation to the prosecution in court.

You need a criminal defense attorney to represent your interests and protect your rights. From the moment of arrest, the police will be attempting to have you "tell your story" and trick you into confessing to the charges. Don't be fooled. Let them know politely that you want an attorney and do not speak until our attorney is by your side.

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Legal problems never just "go away." Failing to act quickly only makes the problem worse. If you face criminal charges, you need an attorney as soon as you are in custody, as police will attempt to get you to confess. We represent individuals in Ohio, Brooke and Hancock counties. Call us as soon as you can at 681-522-0431 or use our online form.


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